Komodo National Park is located between Sumbawa Island and Flores in eastern Indonesia archipelago. Administratively include in Komodo district regional, West Manggarai regency, East Nusa Tenggara Province. In 1915 the Dutch government set Komodo Island as a nature conservation area for Komodo. In 1986, Komodo National Park declared as World Heritage Site and Man and Biosphere Reserve (World Biosphere Reserve) by UNESCO.

The Komodo National Park is located in Indonesia Wallacea. Wallacea region formed by the confluence of two continents that make up the unique row of volcanic islands, and consists of birds mix and other animals from both continents Autralia and Asia. The island itself has 1,817 square kilometers total area. In this conservation area, 2500 komodo dragons live scattered in several major areas of Komodo Island, such as; Rinca island, Padar Island and GiliMota. Komodo dragon habitat is outdoors with savanna grasslands, rain forest, white sandy beaches, coral reefs and crystal clear water beach. In this area, we can found other animals such as horses, wild buffalo, deer, wild boar male, snakes, monkeys, and various types of birds.

Komodo National Park also has amazing underwater life. The divers states that Komodo island is one of the best dive sites in the world. With stunning views of sea bottom where there are 385 species of beautiful corals, mangroves and sea grass, as well as home to thousands fishes, 70 sponges species, 10 species of dolphins, 6 kinds of whales, green turtles, and various types of sharks and stingrays. The combination of a variety of vegetation in the park provide a good environment for different types of animals in this region.

There are four villages in Komodo National Park. Komodo Island has one village that is Komodo village; Rinca Island has two villages namely Rinca and Kerora, and Papagarang Island has one village, Papagaran village. This location can be reached from Kupang, boarded a plane to Ende then forwarded by minibus to Labuan Bajo town for 10 hours journey, then we will go to Komodo Island by speed boat for 2 hours.

Most tourists who visiting the park are foreign tourists, which they call the national park is the “world unto itself”. As far as the eye can see, there are nature scenery with some palm trees reaching to the sky which has background vertical chain of mountains, barren impression on the savanna but boisterous by some of birds, wild horses, and giant reptiles sounds. Swimming and bathing under the sun and Flores blue water; is a world unto itself and unforgettable experience for the tourists.

About Komodo Island

It is said Komodo Island is another hidden gem of the nation. The hills are similar to a desert landscape. Though, it features some beautiful beaches and wild bushes. The sea is calm so it is a perfect location for diving. Both the sky and the sea are blue. These make wonderful scenery. Once you reach the island, you are likely to explore it. The best attraction in this island is indeed Komodo dragons. There are other animals, too. Not to mention you can explore nearby islands.

Komodo dragons live on several islands. These include Komodo Island, Gili Motang, Kode Island, and Rinca Island. Tourists are allowed to witness this creature directly. Are you interested? Though, you should get a company. It is called Jaga  wana or an animal tamer. With his help, you are able to approach Komodo monitors safely. That means you should always follow his instruction. Also, you aren’t allowed to feed those lizards! During the trip, you may expect a savanna. It is better to wear boots.

Once you see Komodo dragons, it is time to explore the beaches. These feature beautiful white sand and corals. The waves aren’t too strong either. The water is blue and clear. Not to mention it is quite warm, especially during summer. Diving is another fun activity in Komodo Island. The sea features different types of coral reefs. You can also find many types of fishes like dolphins, whales, mantas, sharks, etc. On the land, it is mostly covered by a meadow. There are numerous types of grasses as well.

As mentioned before, the island is famous for its Komodo monitors. That doesn’t mean you can only find this animal. There are other wild faunas like snakes, birds, horses, and much more. All of them live comfortably on the island. Apart from animals, you can do more things. For example, it is trekking. The destination is Ara Mountain. During the trip, you may witness both beautiful scenery and animals. The best spot is Water Hole. It is the nest of Komodo dragons. These animals gather here for drinking and resting. Another thing to do is shopping. You can buy souvenirs in either Loh Liang or LohBuaya.

How to Get There

The fastest way to reach Komodo Island is by air. From Bali, you need to head to Labuan Bajo. It doesn’t take much time. If you go by land, you are going to take a long trip. From Bali, you must reach numerous checkpoints. These include Lombok, Mataram, Kayangan, Pototano, and Sumbawa. Once your reach Dara Bima bus station, you need head to Sape Port. From here, you can directly reach Komodo National Park. One thing, you must use a ferry to visit Komodo Island from Labuan Bajo.



It is true East Nusa Tenggara Province is famous for its Komodo Island. However, many other attractions are available in this region. For instance, there is Amelia Sea View located in Labuan Bajo. As the name suggests, it is the location to enjoy stunning sea views including the sunrise and sunset. This sightseeing spot is situated on a green hill, on which tourists relax and enjoy the nature passionately. Due to its strategic location, the hill also emits a refreshing atmosphere. Thanks to the unspoiled air!.

The Nuance

As mentioned before, Amalia Sea View features mostly the formation of hills. The best spot is indeed the tallest hill, which is easy to reach. Apart from the hill, this area also features lush trees that come with different types and shapes. From afar, the sea looks charming and calm as if it mesmerizes any visitors. Another great feature is the wind, which feels strong at the summit of the hill. There is even a long path for those who want to explore it. It is because the local government has paid a good attention to the tourists by developing this location.

Exploring Amelia Sea View

One of the best lures in Amelia Sea View is the trekking adventure. It is because you need to reach the top of the hill in order to enjoy the best views and scenery. Despite the tiring efforts, you won’t get disappointed with the views. Here is the thing. The best times to visit the hills are either during sunset or sunrise. For those who want to feel fresh air, it is better to come in the morning. As an alternative, you can also visit the hill in the afternoon when there is a romantic sunset.

Before trekking to Amelia Sea View, tourists should have rented a room in a nearby hotel. There is no need to carry lots of items when reaching the hill, after all. The prime items to carry are a camera, snacks, bottled water, and other necessary things. If you come at noon, it is better to wear a hat as the temperature can be quite hot. Another important tip is the number of trekkers. It is not recommended to reach the hill alone, as you need a tour guide to explore the location efficiently.

The best thing about a holiday in Amelia Sea View is the budget. Tourists don’t need to spend anything on exploring the hill, as there is no entry fee. However, you need some money to pay the accommodation and foods. At the end of the trip, it is time to visit nearby tourist spots. For example, there is the White Pier or “DermagaPutih”. It becomes an alternative for sightseeing, which features mainly sea scenery.





Have you ever visited Komodo Island? It is a beautiful place in Flores Island. The best attraction is definitely the Komodo National Park. Still, you can explore other vacation spots like Rinca Island, Padar Island, and much more. Here is the thing. You can even learn local cultures. There is a famous tribe in this region. The name is Ata Modo. The rumor has it. This tribe is able to talk to Komodo dragons. You can learn many things from them. These include their traditions, traditional clothes, and martial arts.

About Ata Modo Tribe

Once you reach Komodo Island, you can explore numerous tourist spots. Ata Modo is the original inhabitant of the island. However, some of the residents are newcomers. They came from nearby islands like Sulawesi, Manggara, and Bima. You can even find BajauBugis Tribe here. Ata means “people of the forest” and Modo means “dragons”. This tribe has unique apparel. The most recognized one is their hat. The shape is similar to the head of a komodo. They use checkered sarong and white fabric pants.

Meeting Ata Modo Tribe

It is a little bit hard to meet Ata Modo Tribe. In this case, you should use the help of a tour guide. As an alternative, you can rely on your tour agency. They will take care of everything for use. Usually, this tribe may perform a martial art. They carry a cane work shield and a whip. Two fighters face each other with the same tools and apparel. This is definitely a good attraction for tourists. Make sure you carry a camera.Ata Modo Tribe has been influenced by other cultures. When it comes to religions, there are different beliefs in Komodo Island. These include Christianity and Islam. Next, it is regarding their appearance. This tribe has a brighter skin than Flores people. Not to mention they have a distinct language and dialect. With these differences, you can easily spot Ata Modo people. On top of that, the majority of people in Komodo Island belong to this tribe. The others came from Bima and Bugis.

Ata Modo people are mostly fishermen. The others are local carvers. They sell souvenirs and carvings to tourists. The rest of them work in several restaurants and hotels in Labuan Bajo. Once you reach Komodo Island, you can find many kids passing by. Some of them may approach you and ask for a photograph. Thus, you must ensure to carry a camera. If you are lucky, you can stay in one of the villagers’ house. That means you can also enjoy their traditional culinary.



Indonesia has a famous Komodo National Park. It consists of several islands, actually. One of them is Gili Motang. This small island becomes the home of hundreds of Komodo dragons. The island is only about 31 km2. Despite its small size, it has attracted many visitors every day. The only downside is its accessibility. It takes both efforts and time. So, what can tourists enjoy here? It has more than famous Komodo dragons. It is because you can enjoy its beauty and history. The island has many things to explore, after all.

Visiting Gili Motang Island

The island has a calm atmosphere. It is suitable for those who look for a relaxation. It also has approachable beaches. The water is clear and there are some stones on the shoreline. The beaches are featured by hills and bushes. You can simply walk near to the water and enjoy both refreshing wind and beautiful scenery. On top of that, the water is shallow. You can play in the water comfortably. Once you enjoy your time at the beach, you can witness some majestic Komodo monitors in the park.

Most of the Komodo dragons live on Komodo Island. The others live in Gili Motang and Rinca Island. Some of them live in eastern Flores, as well. Today, there is about 100 Komodos in Gili Motang. This makes the island the smallest habitat of this exotic lizard as compared to others. Regardless of its small number, tourists won’t regret visiting the island. Thanks to the stunning landscape and peaceful beaches. Are you interested? The island also holds an interesting history.

Local people in Gili Motang Island came from Bugis region. Their ancestors were travelers. These people arrived at Gili Motang and created a boat to explore Mbojo. Local people believe their ancestors were Bugis’ sailors. Due to this reason, there is a unique tradition here. The locals are able to make a unique boat. This technique was obtained from their ancestors, for sure. What is more? There are other interesting tourist spots to visit. You should visit them all.For instance, there is Golo Motang Mountain. It offers jaw-dropping scenery from the summit. There are also nearby islands like Nusa Baleh, Nusa Sambi, Nusa Peropa, Nusa Baleh koe, Toro Sambi, and much more. When it comes to landmarks, you can enjoy Loho Mpoang, Loho Rongkeng, Loho Mbeku, etc. All of them are unique. You should never miss these tourist spots. One thing, you should use a ferry to explore nearby islands. That means you should spend more money. Make sure you are prepared.

How to Get There

It takes much time to visit Gili Motang Island. From Bali, you can use an airplane to Komodo Aiport. Your checkpoint will be Labuan Bajo. It is the best location to look for a hotel or restaurant. From here, you need to use a ferry and visit Motang Island directly. If you have much money, you can rent a room on the boat. No worries. There are some cooks on board. Once you reach the island, your adventure begins.



When it comes to a distinct vacation in Flores, you have many options. For example, there is Kalong Island. This small island belongs to Komodo National Park. It is located between Papagarang and Rinca Island. As the name cited, it is the home of “Kalong” or bats. That means you can witness thousands of bats in this island. These unique creatures hang on the mangroves at noon. They start flying around in the afternoon and night. Overall, it is a worthy sight for visitors. You can also enjoy the sunset if the the weather permits.

Kalong Island is quite small. Most of the land is covered by mangroves. These are the home of tons of bats, after all. Their size is quite big. No worries. They don’t cause harm to human. Apart from the bats, the island features other attractions. This includes the beach. The waves are a little bit strong. That means you should not carelessly play in the water. As mentioned earlier, mangroves are the major part of Kalong Island. Due to this reason, it is a little bit difficult to get around the island.

Exploring Kalong Island

The best time to get around the island is in the evening. Lots of bats start looking for foods. They leave their nest and fly in a group. No wonder, the sky is will be covered by these creatures. They are quite majestic. Another great time to witness these bats is in the morning. At this time, they come back to their nest. You can witness this moment from your boat. Since the island is covered by the mangroves, you aren’t able to explore it by foot. Not to mention there is no pier.

No one knows where the bats look for their foods. Even tour guides have no information regarding this issue. Here is the thing. The bats will leave their nest in the evening and come back in the morning. These are the best times to observe their movement. All visitors are able to enjoy this unique sight. Kalong Island is a definitely an important checkpoint prior to visiting Komodo and Rinca Island. It is possible to enjoy snorkeling near to this island.

Another attraction is the mangroves. As mentioned before, it is the home of the bats. Due to this reason, the locals take a good care of the mangroves. That means no one is allowed to cut the trees. Moreover, it is prohibited to catch fishes illegally. With these rules, Kalong Island retains its beauty and nature. This explains why foreign tourists are also interested in it. On top of that, there are other attractions nearby.

How to Get There

In order to reach Kalong Island, you should visit Labuan Bajo first. From here, you need to rent a speedboat. It takes about 30-50 minutes to reach the island. This short trip is definitely comfortable and fun. You can witness nearby scenery from the boat.



Indonesia is an archipelago country. It consists of thousands of islands. In Flores, you can explore many small islands. Regardless of their small size, they are a worthy place to visit. One of them is Kanawa Island. The main attraction is its stunning coral reefs. Many tourists come here for snorkeling and relaxing. Thanks to the beach’s clear sea water and white sand. The name is similar to that of Sumbawa’s small island. Though, they are different. Today, it becomes a great vacation retreat both for locals and foreigners.

At KanawaIslandr, you can see the cloudless sky. The blue color of the sky and gentle wind are quite comforting. Kanawa Island also has shady trees and white sand. Near to the beach, there is a pier. Not to mention there is a bungalow nearby. A small dock is available, so tourists can reach the island easily using a boat.


Exploring Kanawa Island

Once you arrive at Kanawa Island, you will be astonished by its beauty. The sand is white and exotic. The island has a grassy and hilly background. It is an extra of the island. Your boat lies at anchor in a small pier. Below, you can see several fishes passing by. Due to clear water, you are able to see them clearly. The most attractive thing is the coral reef. It is quite mesmerizing. In the afternoon, you can play on the beach. There are some starfishes and crabs on the sand. Your kids are going to love them.

The next activity is snorkeling. As mentioned earlier, the water is quite clear. You can explore marine life and beauty comfortable. No worries. You can rent the equipment. Not to mention there are several spots for diving. Though, you should have had the permission. There is a dive center nearby, so you may obtain both authorization and equipment here. For beginners, it is wise to hire an instructor. He will accompany you during an adventure in the sea. Overall, it is better to be safe.

Next, there is the hill. Once you spend some time at the beach, you should explore the hill. Kanawa Island features a short hill. However, the route is a little bit challenging. You may expect sandy landscape, a meadow, and some bugs. Once you arrive at the top of the hill, you can see many views. These include boats, beaches, hills, etc. On top of that, you can feel the refreshing wind.



There are two islands, which share the same name (Kelor) in Indonesia Archipelago. The first one is located in the Thousand Islands Province and the other belongs to Manggarai Regency in East Nusa Tenggara Province. The second one is considered recommended for those who are visiting Komodo National Park. The island is famous for its serenity and unspoiled scenery, on which tourists can relax and perform trekking. Not to mention Kelor Island is suitable for a romantic and tranquil honeymoon and family vacations.


The Nuance

Kelor Island has many features, including beautiful beaches, mountains, local activities, and calm sea. In the shorelines, you can even see some local boats and kids. The locals often come to the beach to do many fun activities like swimming, riding boats, running on the beach, and much more. That means water sports become the main activities in Kelor, so tourists need to prepare extra clothes prior to visiting the island. It is because they are likely to get wet when playing on the seashore.


Exploring Kelor Island

What can tourists do in Kelor Island? The thing is you won’t find any facilities in this island, as Kelor is considered uninhabited. Due to this reason, visitors can enjoy a peaceful atmosphere and unspoiled nature. The sea scenery is definitely top-notch. Usually, most of the tourists would only want to get around and enjoy sightseeing. Not to mention it is only one day, since there are no accommodations there. That means Kelor is only suitable for island hopping, as it is located near to other islands and has no facilities.

The other fun activities to do are snorkeling, photography, swimming, and diving. Water sports are popular in Kelor Island, as it features perfect sea and shorelines. The water is clear and the sand is soft. Numerous types of fishes also live in the water, including clown fishes (Nemo)! As an extra, tourists are able to see mesmerizing landscape in the horizon. Another fun thing to do is beach walking, as the size of the island is not quite big. That means you can explore it without hassles.

Before getting back to Labuan Bajo City, it is better to explore some other parts of Kelor Island. Some hills are available in the island, so you must prepare your stamina and some equipment. In fact, some hills are considered extreme! Make sure to carry bottled water, as well. As for the tips, you need to carry some items like a camera, extra clothes, a map, and some money. A tour guide is a good idea, actually.



In Rinca Island, you can find interesting villages. Here is an example. The name is Kerora Village. It is inhabited by about 500 villagers. Many visitors come to this small village due to its natural attractions. The most favorite activities are trekking and snorkeling. You can also enjoy the scenery from the hills. In a nutshell, the village is suitable for an adventure and a relaxation. Most of the visitors are nature lovers. Some of them are photographers. It is because Kerora offers many stunning objects. These include beaches, hills, plants, etc.


The Nuance

Once you reach Kerora Village, you can feel a solemn ambiance. The sky is blue and the wind is soothing. The beaches will make you speechless. On top of that, you can find green and stunning hills. It is perfect for trekking. Not to mention you can witness mountains across the sea. Some parts of the beach are shallow. That means you can play comfortably in the water. The sand is soft and white. It is a paradise! Don’t forget to carry some clothes and a camera.


Exploring Kerora Village

Most of the visitors come to the village for trekking. There are numerous trekking paths, so you can choose the right one. For the best adventure, you should choose the longest one. It takes much stamina, though. Usually, tourists may choose a medium trek. The final destination is the Panorama Hill. From here, you are able to witness unparalleled scenery. For beginners, it is better to come with a tour guide. At least, he can help you get around the village comfortably.

Apart from trekking, you can play in the shorelines. The water is crystal clear. For couples, these beaches are indeed quite romantic. One thing, you should know how to get to these beaches. No worries. You can rely on the locals. Also, there are no facilities nearby. You should have prepared some clothes. It is also wise to carry some snacks and fresh water. If you want to relax on the sand, you must carry a mat. Also, the sun can be quite hot. A sunblock is indeed recommended.

Another interesting activity is to explore Kerora Village. There are not many villagers here. In fact, it has a smaller number of villagers than Rinca Village. Most of the locals work as a fisherman. There are only a few of carvers. The others work as a tour guide. They can earn lots of money during holidays. The tourists may buy their carvings and souvenirs, as well. If you are lucky, you will be invited to their house.


In Komodo Island, you can find many attractions. Komodo dragons are the best enticement in this island. It is certain. However, you can explore numerous charms as well. For instance, there is Komodo Village. It is a small and secluded settlement. It is located in Labuan Bajo. There are only about 300-350 households in the village. Most of the villagers are a fisherman. It is because they live near to the sea. You may expect some boats and fishermen here. The village also features a dock. What’s more?

Getting around the Village

Komodo Village doesn’t have many inhabitants. The size of the village is small. The villagers are mostly a fisherman. Though, some of them become a carver. Thanks to Putri Naga Komodo Ltd. This company has provided training to these villagers. Today, there are some professional carvers in here. A carver is able to create about 3-5 items daily. Their best product is wooden komodo carving. Tourists can find it in Komodo National Park. That means you can buy one as a souvenir.

Once you reach Komodo Village, you may see some houses. These are mostly made of wood. The village also features simple pavement. One thing, you shouldn’t expect many facilities nearby. A unique part is a dock. You can walk on it and enjoy the beauty of the sea. Some local boats are parked near to the dock. There are also several kids riding a boat. Despite their age, they are able to navigate the boat easily. This is a unique sight during your vacation.

The houses use a “Panggung” design. That means these have a hollow below. Villagers want to prevent Komodo dragons and other wild animals from entering their house. The pit is also useful to store some items. In some occasions, the owner uses it as a meeting place. Even though it is a unique village, it seems unmaintained. In fact, there is no electricity. The village relies on a generator. The villagers will turn it on in afternoon. They will turn it off at 10 pm. Most of the people make a living by fishing. The rest of them become a carver.

Komodo Village is a homely settlement. Even though it is a small village, it has some facilities like a school and a mosque. For visitors, it is recommended to visit local carvers. You can either watch or buy a komodo carving in this village. In fact, it is the most popular souvenir. Overall, the village can give an unforgettable experience to visitors. It is small yet beautiful. The best time to come here is during summer. It gives you the chance to meet some fishermen and their unique boats.

How to Get There

In order to reach Komodo Village, you must head to Labuan Bajo. If you come from Bali by land, you should pass through some ports. A ferry is a must. Once you reach Sape Port, you can directly head to Labuan Bajo. From here, your last destination is the village. The locals are actually Komodo Tribe. It is said they can communicate with the lizards. Aren’t they great?



Labuan Bajo is one of small town in Indonesia, so calm and beautiful. The town is the gateway into the charm of Flores to complete travel from the west. However, if only want to enjoy the VaranusKomodoensis, which has been determined to be one of the World’s Seven Wonders of Nature, in its natural habitat. Labuan Bajo is an important starting point and the only one of the most convenient and comfortable.Located on the western tip of Flores, Labuan Bajo is a small town that very recommended to explore exotica Flores started VaranusKomodoensis, Komodo National Park with the beauty underwater life on the western tip of Flores, until Hunting Whales tradition in Lembata, at the eastern tip of Nusa Nipa (Snake Island) Flores.

The last decade, Labuan Bajo can be said a small town. Some even say Labuan Bajo is a big village or regency that was wriggling build to grow into a city. Become a tourism city for a period not too far away.



The Uniqueness of Labuan Bajo

Different to other cities in Indonesia, Labuan Bajo has some uniqueness. First, it is a port city storied. Labuan is not a city with vast lowlands. The lowlands of the coast is not very widely followed slope that supports the vast plains on it. This condition creates a beautiful city landscape.

Second, Labuan Bajo fortified by uninhabited small islands. The existence of islands creates the beauty of Labuan Bajo so it is no exaggeration to say that is beautiful city.Third, Labuan Bajo is a safe city. At least until now there has been no complaint from the tourists associated with pickpocketing or other criminal acts are synonymous with the urban world. So do not be afraid to come to Labuan Bajo. Beside to secure, you will also find hospitality of locals Flores. When you meet with others unknown though, the locals Flores always give a smile. You to respond to each other with a smile anyway did not impress to be haughty.

Residents of Labuan Bajo

There are three ethnic majority, namely Manggarai, Bima and Bugis. Besides the Chinese ethnic who dominate the trade, Ngada people, Ende, Maumere and other tribes such as from Jayapura entire Flores.

About Komodo in Labuan Bajo

As Indonesia’s fastest growing regency, Labuan Bajo serves as the launching point to Komodo National Park. As we know, the natural habitat of Komodo become a magnet for tourist all over the world to visit Labuan Bajo. Komodo National park is only a few kilometers offshore, perfect for Diving, Snorkeling and Kayaking. Near Labuan Bajo waterfalls, caves and forest abound on Flores for the intrepid overland tourists. Further inland are found volcanoes, multi-colored lakes and even some Hobbits home.

How to Get There

The fastest access to get Komodo National Park via Labuan Bajo is by air. Whereas in the past, Komodo Airport – Labuan Bajo, only accommodate 400 passengers, now the service has been able to accommodate 700 passengers. With enhanced airport capacity, flight with a larger capacity can fly to Labuan Bajo, both of Denpasar and Kupang. Until now, there has been no direct flights from major cities in Indonesia to Labuan Bajo. To reach Labuan Bajo, flights must transit in Denpasar.

Besides by air, Labuan Bajo can also be reached by sea. Pelni is one of the shipping company that serves sea trip to Labuan Bajo. Up to now there is no Pelni ships that have routes from Jakarta stop in Labuan Bajo. However, there are some Pelni that stop in Labuan Bajo. Among KM Wilis which stop in several cities of central Indonesia to Tanjung Perak Port – Surabaya. When to Labuan Bajo, you can use the ship from Surabaya – East Java.The route: Surabaya – Makassar – Bima – Labuan Bajo – Waingapu – Ende – Kupang. Then back Kupang – Ende – Waingapu – Labuan Bajo – Bima – Makassar – Surabaya. Moreover, Labuan Bajo visited KM Sirimau stop in several cities of central Indonesia to Tanjung Mas Port – Semarang. When to Labuan Bajo, you can use this ship from Semarang – Central Java. The route: Semarang – Batulicin – Makassar – Bima – Labuan Bajo – Makassar – Batulicin – Semarang.

Labuan Bajo can also be reached by land. By using a private car, you can arrive in Labuan Bajo within 5-6 days. The route through Java – Bali is the last overland crossing Lombok and Sumbawa. From the easternmost tip of Sumbawa, precisely Sape Port, using Ferri that operate every day, you can reach Labuan Bajo within 6-7 hours.

Using public transport is alternative. Some buses that helps you to Labuan Bajo. From Denpasar, Surabaya and even Jakarta. You can use the bus to the majors Bima – West Nusa Tenggara. Furthermore, from Bima, you can use the bus ¾ of Sape direction. Furthermore, with Ferri, you have landed in Labuan Bajo 7 hours later.

Where to Stay

Accommodations are mostly available in Labuan Bajo. Many new star-hotels has been present here. They have distinct facilities and prices. For a reference, there are some recommended options like:

  • Hotel Jayakarta
  • Puri Sari Beach Hotel
  • La Prima Hotel
  • Luwansa Beach Resort
  • Bintang Flores
  • Komodo Ecolodge Hotel
  • Plataran Komodo Resort
  • Silvia Hotel
  • Resort Komodo
  • Golo Hilltop
  • and many more.



Nature tourism is always interesting. It is because you can enjoy the solemn ambiance and soothing weather out there. In Komodo Island, there are many references of nature tourism. One of them is Loh Sebita. It is a spot to witness mangroves. The most popular one is Sonneratia sp. Most of the visitors are actually researchers. Though, more tourists come to this location over time. It is because of its natural beauty. Not to mention you can enjoy numerous views in this tourist spot.


The Nuance

Loh Sebita features a great landscape. First, it is the land. Most part of the land is covered by dry grasses. There are several trees as well. Next, it is the highland. There are numerous hills nearby. These surround the mangroves. With all these attractions, tourists will definitely have a good time. On top of that, the weather is nice. The refreshing wind makes it perfect. Another beautiful view is the lake. The water is calm and mesmerizing. However, you aren’t allowed to swim here.


Exploring Loh Sebita

Once you arrive at LohSebita, you can find both the park and nature views. The mangroves only cover about 6% of the park. These plants are quite important. Why is that? They protect the land from abrasion. It also prevents land sediment. Not to mention the mangroves become the home of numerous animals like crabs, birds, macaque, and much more. These animals live here. It is because they may look for foods and reproduce here. If you are lucky, you can easily approach them.Actually, LohSebita has a similar landscape to LohLawi and GiliLawa. Apart from Sonneratia, you can find other mangrove species in the park. These include Lumnitzeraracemose and Rhizophoramucronate. For common visitors, these species look the same. On the other hand, some researchers come here for a study. They are attracted to the mangroves. Apart from that, you can also find some birds. They are all beautiful. When it comes to facilities, you can find a pier, cafeteria, and cottages.

LohSebita is also famous for its highlands. That means you can enjoy trekking here. During the trip to the top of the hills, you may encounter a meadow. There are not many people nearby. Due to this reason, you should come with your friends or family. It helps you enjoy a merrier adventure in LohSebita. Once you reach the summit, you should take some pictures of any breathtaking views nearby. The trip costs much energy, so you need to be prepared.





Flores Island is part of Indonesia. It is a situated in the East Nusa Tenggara Province. What makes it so special, actually? Well, you can find many islands nearby. All of them are beautiful. If you look for a reference, there is Mawan Island. It is a simple yet stunning island. The best attraction is the scenery from the hills. That means tourists can enjoy memorable trekking in Mawan Isle. The best time to visit is during summer. The nuance is soothing and the land is covered by dry grasses. It is similar to a savanna!

The Nuance

First, it is the sky. In the summer, the sky is bright and blue. The sun ray is reflected in the crystal clear sea. You can see a neighbor island on the horizon. It is indeed a worthy view. When it comes to the beach, it features white and soft sand. You can even walk barefoot on it. Behind the beach, you can find a majestic hill. It isn’t quite steep, so you can explore it easily. The hill is suitable for trekking. Also, it is covered mostly by grasses and thatch.

Exploring Mawan Island

For tourists, there are two primary activities in Mawan Island. First, it is snorkeling. The clear and calm sea water attracts many divers. It features beautiful coral reefs and marine creatures. If you are lucky, you can even find manta rays. There are some best spots for diving, as well. It is better to find information from the locals or the instructor. This way, you can efficiently explore the beaches. Another consideration is the equipment. Make sure you wear proper equipment and tools.

Another favorite tourist activity is trekking. Only a few of islands near to Labuan Bajo have a good route for trekking. Mawan Island is one of them. However, the island doesn’t feature steep hills. For advanced trekkers, it would be quite boring. On the other hand, common tourists will definitely enjoy trekking in Mawan Island. It takes no time to reach the top of the hill. That means you won’t get tired easily. It is a perfect activity for beginners.



Indonesia should be proud of Komodo National Park. It becomes a hit among tourists. Not to mention you can find many islands nearby. One of them is Padar Island. The best lure is its nature scenery. It becomes a perfect location for trekking, taking pictures, relaxing, and much more. Even though it is less popular than its neighbor, Padar is a worthy place for a vacation. The problem is its accessibility. You should spend much time and efforts to reach the island. No worries. It won’t be a waste.

Exploring Padar Island

The best thing in Padar Island is its landscape. There are many high hills here. Due to this reason, more people come to the island for trekking. Even though it takes much energy, it won’t be a wasteful effort. From the top of the hills, you can see a clear sky, beaches, and nearby attractions. The atmosphere is awesome. You can take this opportunity for photography, relaxing, or even painting! Padar Island has higher hills than nearby islands, actually. No wonder, it is more popular among trekkers.

Padar Island becomes more popular every day. It is because visitors often post it to their social media accounts. Some foreigners are likely to visit this island. That’s for sure. Most of them want to take selfies on the top of the hills. The locals also want to promote the island to more tourists. Indonesia should be proud of it. Padar is part of Komodo National Park region. That means it is as popular as nearby islands. In fact, it is also located near to Pink Beach.In order to reach Pink Beach, it takes about 40 minutes by a speedboat. It is another attraction near to Padar Island. Here is the fact. The island has no population. You shouldn’t expect many people here. On the contrary, you can easily find wild animals, especially Komodo dragons. The best thing to do is trekking. The island features steep hills. It takes much energy and time to reach the summit. There are no stairs and protections at all. Thus, you should be careful when trekking.

Trekking is the most popular activity in Padar Island. Here is the tip. It is better to bring a hiking stick. Why is that? It helps you retain a balance while trekking, especially for beginners. Just because GiliPadar Summit is easy to reach, doesn’t mean it is going to be a flawless trekking. One thing, there is no public boat to reach the location. As a solution, you must join an open trip. Having a tour package is also a good idea. Make sure that it includes a trip to GiliPadar



Have you ever heard about Papagaran Village? It is a solemn and small village in Papagarang Island. The thing is it is the part of Komodo National Park tourism. You can reach it either from Labuan Bajo or Rinca Island. The village consists of about 1,200 villagers. Most of them are Moslems. When it comes to occupation, they are mostly fishermen. They use several dialects like Bajo and Bima. Though, they are able to talk the Indonesian Language. Some of them can even talk English.

The Nuance

When it comes to the atmosphere, Papagaran Village offers both calm and refreshing nuance. It is a great place for relaxing. This small village is located between green hills and soothing sea. Most of the local people are fishermen. No wonder, their houses are situated next to the sea. That means you can expect many traditional boats nearby. Unfortunately, the houses seem unmaintained. Despite this condition, you won’t regret visiting the village. If you like trekking, you can visit nearby hills behind Papagaran.

Exploring Papagaran Village

The locals are friendly. Tourists can approach them easily. Most of them are a naturalist. That means they take a good care of the environment. Not to mention there is Mangrove Center. Young people teach kids regarding mangrove cultivation. It is because the plants play an important role in the environment. It reduces abrasion and it becomes the home of many living creatures. Hopefully, it may attract more tourists in the near future. Even though it is a small village, Papagaran has many hidden beauties. You are able to explore them all.

Next, you can ride a local boat. Some fishermen allow tourists to ride their boat. Make sure you only approach these fishermen during their free time. It will be great if you can talk local language. That means you are able to communicate with those fishermen easily. As an alternative, you can hire a tour guide. One thing, it is a traditional boat. Thus, you shouldn’t expect a comfortable experience. Not to mention the fisherman won’t talk much, especially to foreign tourists.

Nearby Attraction

Papagaran Village is located near to many attractions. The island is quite close to Rinca Island. That means you should visit it as well. Here, you can witness numerous wild animals like wild boars, birds, buffalos, etc. Not to mention you can visit some local villages in Rinca. Another favorite destination is Kanawa Island. It is a good place for numerous water sports. These include diving, snorkeling, swimming, etc. You can find some animals, especially turtles. On top of that, you may witness both beautiful sunset and sunrise.



Nusa Tenggara Archipelago is part of Indonesia. It features many interesting islands. Rinca Island is not an exception. The location is in the west part of Flores Island. Flores and Rinca are separated by Molo Strait. So, what can tourists do in here? First, it is a famous tourist spot. UNESCO has chosen it as one of the world’s heritages. It is because Rinca is part of Komodo National Park. The other parts are Motang, Padar, and Komodo Island. Here, you can find numerous wild animals and beautiful landscapes.


The Beauty of Rinca Island

In terms of landscape, Rinca Island is quite similar to Komodo Island. It features beautiful beaches and some hills. The land is mostly covered by a meadow. You may expect many wild animals here. In the beaches, there are some parked speedboats. They belong to the visitors. The water is stunning and warm. It also features some small corals. From the hills, you are able to witness astonishing sky and feel the calm atmosphere. With these nuances, you can spend a great holiday here.

Rinca Island is about 18,500 hectare. It is the home of about 2,000 Komodo Dragons. In fact, it is more than that of Komodo Island. Usually, tourists explore both Komodo and Rinca Island. They want to compare those giant lizards and see them with their own eyes. What makes these islands different from each other? In Rinca, you may find a Komodo Statue. The height is about 3 meters and it is located near to the dock gate. Once you enter the main gate, you can see some wild Komodos nearby.

These lizards live freely. Visitors shouldn’t be careless here. There are some rangers and they monitor these animals professionally. One thing, you should never carry snacks or foods. The giant lizards have a great nose. They are able to track foods from afar. That means they will come to you due to those lures. Not to mention they are aware of the blood smell. Women in their period shouldn’t enter the park. Only rangers can decide whether tourists can get around here or not.There are different routes to explore Rinca Island. These include a short, medium, and long track. Each of them offers a distinct attraction. Visitors will get a company. A ranger may guide you during the trip. You are able to see Komodo’s nest. Here, these lizards may lay some eggs. For those who look for a better adventure, a longer route is available. It is also possible to climb the hills. When the weather is nice, you can see the vast and beautiful scenery from the top of the hills.

Rinca Island is only the beginning. There are other beautiful spots to visit. They are Motang, Kode, and Padar Island. The best spot is definitely Komodo National Park. It is located on Komodo Island. Next, you should head to Loh Liang National Park. It is situated near to Labuan Bajo. If you love an adventure, you can join Komodo Cruises. It is actually a daily tour. You need to talk to the management, though. It is situated in SoekarnoHatta Street, Labuan Bajo.

How to Get There

It takes about 2 hours from Labuan Bajo. Your destination is the gate of LohBuaya or Rinca Island. The best time to depart is in the morning. You can see the sunrise while riding a speedboat. Once you reach the island, you need to meet an animal tamer. He will be your guide to explore this location.



Many vacation spots are available in Flores. Your option is actually limitless. In Rinca Island, you can find several villages. All of them are worth a visit. The most famous one is Rinca Village. It is the part of Komodo National Park vacation spot. There are about a thousand of villagers here. Most of them are fishermen. Their primary sea resource is the sea cucumber. The locals call it “teripang”. Some villagers work as a carver. They learned the skills from Putri Naga Komodo Ltd.

The Nuance

Today, Rinca Island becomes an important checkpoint prior to visiting LohBuaya. That means your boat may pass through this village before reaching such tourist spot. Rinca Village is located near to the sea. No wonder, the locals are mostly fishermen. There is a long pier here. It is quite long, as well. The village features many houses and some facilities. Some boats are parked in the shorelines. When it comes to nature attractions, both the beach and shady hills are quite stunning.

Exploring Rinca Village

The most common attraction is the traditional houses. The locals live in a “RumahPanggung”. The house features a hollow part. It is to avoid wild animals, especially Komodo dragons. In terms of the environment, the village is cleaner than Komodo Village. You can even find some bougainvillea trees. Apart from houses, the village features some facilities. An elementary school is not an exception. You may expect many local kids nearby. Some of them help their parents in the sea.

The best thing is its nature. Rinca Village has stunning scenery. It is located between beautiful sea and solemn hills. That means you can either play in the water or conduct an adventure in the highlands. It is also possible to get along well with local people. They are friendly, so you can learn how to fish or carve something. Don’t forget to buy some souvenirs. There are professional carvers, as well. You can buy beautiful carvings from them. Once you enjoy a good time in the village, you can explore nearby tourist spots.



The most visited tourist spots in Flores are Komodo Island and Labuan Bajo. Both of them offer distinct attractions. Like the name cited, you can find many Komodo dragons in Komodo Island. What about Labuan Bajo? It features many beautiful landscapes and small islands. For instance, there is Sebayur Island. This small island has been chosen as one of the best sites for snorkeling and diving. That means Sebayur is famous for its water sports. Still, there are many other attractions to enjoy.

Each tourist has a different reason to visit Sebayur Island. Most of them are attracted to its nature. Most of the island is covered by green and shady hills. The atmosphere is quite refreshing. You are able to relieve your stress in this island. The beach offers white sand and soothing zephyr. Moreover, the sea water is crystal clear. On the beach, you can find a resort. The structures are made of woods. These are similar to a shack. In the back, you can find beautiful green hills. What a stunning view!

Exploring Sebayur Island

As mentioned earlier, the island is a perfect place for water sports. You don’t need to carry diving equipment. The resort provides both facilities and equipment for tourists. There is even a diving package. On top of that, there are many diving sites nearby. These include Crystal Rocks, Castle Rock, BatuBolong, etc. In order to reach these spots, you should ride a local boat. This speedboat can accommodate about 10 people. That means you can conduct a group diving. Make sure you come with your friends or family.

The land is mostly dry. Though, you should only focus on the sea. Diving is a primary tourist activity in Sebayur Island. Still, some visitors also love trekking. There are some beautiful hills near to the beach. The scenery is indeed jaw-dropping from the top of the hill. The trip takes only a few minutes. It can be longer, though. Make sure you have good stamina. It is wise to come with a tour guide. He or she may accompany you to reach the hilltop.If you don’t like to spend much energy, you can simply relax in the resort room. The facilities and services are excellent. You can enjoy either Indonesian or Italian food, as well. No wonder, the owner is an Italian.



Flores consists of numerous islands. GiliLaba is one of them. People also call it Land GiliLawa. The beauty is unparalleled so tourists can spend a great holiday here. You can reach it using a speedboat from Labuan Bajo. It is located near to numerous beautiful spots like Sebayur Island and many others. For those who like trekking, GiliLaba is a good destination. Usually, people come here either in the morning or afternoon. These are the perfect times for hiking.

The Nuance

In terms of appearance, GiliLaba is both stunning and calm. The sky is clear in the summer. It features many beautiful landscapes like green hills, blue water, shallow beaches, bushes, and soothing wind. In the hills, you can find wild grasses. The atmosphere is quite similar to a savanna. This tourist spot is suitable for trekking and relaxing. Everyone would obtain great experiences here. Apart from trekking, you can also enjoy the water. It is clear and shallow. Make sure you don’t get too far, though.


Exploring GiliLaba

This place is quite similar to Padar Island. It is due to its hills, actually. From the top of these hills, you can witness great scenery. Though, it takes much energy to get here. Make sure you have prepared enough stamina. In a nutshell, hiking is the most popular activity in GiliLaba. It is the main activity here. In order to reach the summit of the hill, you need to spend approximately 40 minutes. It can be either faster or slower. It depends on your stamina.

Today, many tourist agencies include GiliLaba into their vacation package. Before reaching Komodo National Park, your boats will visit some small islands. One of them is GiliLaba. You should be astonished by its hills. Moreover, it offers other attractions like beaches. The sand is soft and white. It is possible to perform some water sports like snorkeling and swimming. You can even relax near to the shorelines and enjoy sunbathing. No worries. There are no Komodo dragons nearby.

The most common animals in GiliLaba are small bugs and birds. That means you won’t encounter dangerous creatures here. When it comes to trekking, you should have prepared everything. These include stamina, bottled water, snacks, and a camera. You also need some trekking equipment. Once you reach the top, you can take some pictures or inhale the fresh air. The scenery is jaw-dropping. It definitely gives you a unique impression. Are you interested.

How to Get There

GiliLaba is a small island. It is the part of Sumbawa Island. You can reach it from Labuan Bajo, though. It takes 4 hours to GiliLaba using a speedboat. Actually, it is possible to visit the island from Komodo Island. From here, it takes an hour. The trip is comfortable and fun. That is for sure.



For those who love nature, Manta Point is a perfect place to explore. It is located near to Komodo National Park. It is also near to GiliLawa. As the name implies, it is the location to witness a majestic sea creature, Manta Ray. Due to this reason, many tourists come here for either snorkeling or diving. Manta Point is the most strategic location to witness Manta Rays. These creatures often pass by this spot peacefully. Their size is about 3 meters. They can hurt you easily. Though, they swim elegantly. Actually, the sea is warm. You only need to pay attention to its underwater current. It is quite strong. For beginners, it is better to dive in with an instructor. The sea doesn’t have lots of corals, actually. That means your main attraction will be the Manta Rays.

A preparation is a must. You should wear the equipment properly before diving. As stated before, you should listen to your guide instruction. He will be your partner during such adventure. Since it is sightseeing, you must carry an underwater camera. You should never miss the movement of those creatures. Don’t be careless in approaching them, though. They can be aggressive sometimes. The question is why these creatures gather at this point. The answer is simple. They are looking for foods, which are small jellyfishes.

In Manta Point, you may encounter jellyfishes. Getting stung is inevitable. Therefore, you should wear proper diving gear and equipment. Another obstacle is the underwater currents. It is a little bit difficult to move ahead while diving. A proper navigation is required. Make sure you don’t get swept by the currents. Also, don’t move too far from the location of the boat. Instead of diving against the current, you should follow it. This way, you are able to save much energy.

If you conduct a group diving, you should stick with your fellow divers. It will be a nasty experience if you are left behind. Once you approach the Manta Rays, you must not make a sudden move. That means you should be calm. It is also possible to touch them. Make sure you are accompanied by an instructor, though. A sudden move makes Manta Rays uncomfortable. Even though they aren’t as dangerous as other types of Manta, they have a big size. Their movement can hurt you, for sure.

How to Get There

Manta Point is also called Manta Alley. In order to reach this location, you should head to Komodo National Park. It is on Flores Island. You can rent a boat and an instructor. If you are an expert diver, you can enjoy marine sightseeing comfortable. The point is situated near to GiliLawa. You can rely on a local boat service to reach this location. Don’t forget to bring the equipment like diving gears, a camera, etc. Also, you should never go alone. That’s all.



Have you heard about Namo Beach? Tourists often call it Red Beach. This tourist spot is famous among both local and foreign travelers. Is it better than the Pink Beach in Komodo Island? Well, both of them offer distinct charms. It terms of color, Namo is way much bolder than Pink Beach. Both of them have an unspoiled beauty, though. Unfortunately, some bad visitors often litter. Aside from this issue, tourists keep coming here. Thanks to its uniqueness and charm. In fact, you can do many things here.

Exploring Namo Beach

The water isn’t quite clear. Though, the sand is stunning. The texture is smooth and the color is red. The sky is clear during summer. The wind is warm so you can feel relaxed here. Another interesting thing is the nuance. There are some speed boats coming here. Most of the visitors are tourists and locals. All of them want to obtain a splendid experience on this island. What about you? It can be as simple as walking around the beach. The weather is nice, after all.

Apart from relaxing, Namo Beach is perfect for snorkeling. Thanks to the calm water. You can either swimming or snorkeling here. It features gorgeous corals and fishes. Even though you are a beginner, you can explore the beach easily. It is better to follow the instruction, though. Another interesting activity is photography. Namo Beach is the home of beautiful objects. These include boats, hills, local buildings, visitors, etc. You don’t have to be a professional photographer! With such beautiful landscapes, you are going to capture many worthy pictures.

Namo Beach is one of the best tourist spots in Labuan Bajo. It also has an easy accessibility. That means you can reach this location easily. The beach is suitable for those who love nature. Though, you must rely on the locals. Only local people know the route to the beach. Here is an idea. You need to find a tour guide in Labuan Bajo. He will be your partner during the trip. What you need is money. Make sure you give him a nice tip.

In Namo Beach, you have the chance to witness wild deer. They often come to the beach, after all. Do you like fishes? Well, the corals become the home of small fishes. You can see them, especially while snorkeling. Overall, the beach becomes another unique spot in Komodo Island. You can visit both Pink and Red Beach. Not to mention you have an opportunity to see the famous Komodo dragons. They are kept in Komodo National Park.

How to Get There

It takes about 20 minutes from Labuan Bajo. Even though it is easy to reach, you need a clear navigation. As mentioned earlier, it is better to hire a guide. Even though it costs some money, you won’t get lost. Once you reach Namo Beach, make sure there are no Komodo dragons nearby. Sometimes, they come to the beach to hunt turtle’s eggs. It is better safe than sorry. Don’t forget to bring a camera, as well.



Of the Asian countries, Indonesia has the most islands. In Nusa Tenggara, you can find several islands like Nusa Kode. It is a small island located near to Uadadasami, Toro Batumandi, and Toro Baturuncing Island. It is also called as a secluded island. In fact, there are no people living here. In order to reach the island, you need to use a speedboat. Usually, it takes about 5 hours. Nusa means island, and Kode means monkey. Though, no one knows the story or legend behind it.

Exploring Nusa Kode Island

There are other names of it. These include Widang, Oewada Sami, and Nusa Uadadasami. Once you reach the island, you can feel a peaceful atmosphere. You won’t expect many people here. The landscape is perfect. It features beaches, hills, and calming wind. Sometimes, there is a traditional cruise ship passing by. The beaches feature some small corals, as well. In a nutshell, Kode Island is a suitable vacation retreat for families, couples, or groups. It is perfect for finding peace.

When it comes to topography, the island has a steep landscape. You can find many wild bushes and high hills. There is also a dense forest. Tourists aren’t able to explore it easily. In the south part of the island, you can see the Indian Ocean. It features big waves and strong winds. On the contrary, the north part of the island features calmer waves and beautiful corals. You can also find many species of fishes here. The best attractions are manta rays and dolphins.

In the west part of Kode Island, you can witness big groupers, small corals, and thick boulders. There are numerous big fishes living here like Potato Cods, Bohar Snappers, Malabar Groupers, etc. The island also becomes the home of Komodo dragons. However, these lizards are smaller than those of nearby islands. Why is that? Kode Island doesn’t provide as many foods as others. Komodo monitors aren’t able to grow normally here. Still, they become the main attraction on this island.

Once you explore Kode Island, it is time to visit nearby attractions. First, there is Toro Batumandi. It is a beautiful point or cape near to the island. The other charms are the minor Uadadasami Island, Batuputih Island, Toro Kode Point, Toro Sedo, Loho Petah Bay, SokHepa, and much more. All of them offer a distinct beauty. You can explore all of them, for sure. One thing, it takes much money and time. Make sure you have prepared everything. Not to mention you should hire a professional tour guide.

How to Get There

Most of the tourists visit Labuan Bajo first. From here, you can visit numerous islands nearby. Kode Island is not an exception. This small island is located in the south part of Rinca Island. Actually, it belongs to National Komodo Park region. You can use either Cajoma IV or Lady Denokpinisi boat to reach the island. As mentioned earlier, the voyage takes about 5-6 hours. It is a long trip, but it is worth your time. Not to mention there are many things to see in Kode Island. Enjoy!



Komodo National Park is the main attraction on Flores Island. It is famous for its Komodo dragons. Also, it has numerous beautiful landscapes and islands. Tourists are able to do many things here. One of the best options is Taka Makassar. It is located near to Komodo Island and Manta Point. This island is a worthy destination, especially for snorkeling. However, many tourists come here to enjoy the beautiful beach. It features white and calm water. The island is also called the emerged land. Once you arrive at the island, you will be amazed by its beauty.

About Taka Makassar

Taka Makassar is so small. In fact, it is smaller than a soccer field. Since it features shallow water, big boats aren’t able to get near to this island. Due to this reason, tourists usually ride a smaller boat either from Manta Point or Komodo Island. The name of the boat is Sail Komodo. Due to its shallowness, you can swim comfortably. It is similar to a swimming pool. Not to mention the water has a stunning color, which is clear Tosca. It is the sign of narrow water, after all.The most popular thing to do is to walk around the land. It features soft and beautiful sand. However, it is quite small. The other interesting activities are free diving and snorkeling. For the best holidays, you must come during the low tide. This way, you are able to play around the beach. Some tourists also like to take selfish here. One thing, you shouldn’t be too close to the sea. There are some jellyfishes nearby. You need to stay away from them.

As a tourist, you don’t have to get off from the boat. It is possible to enjoy the scenery from Sail Komodo boat. Though, most visitors come here for swimming and snorkeling. Don’t you like these water sports? You shouldn’t expect many fishes, though. The island features shallow water. That means you can only find some sea creatures like jellyfishes, starfishes, etc. There are some sea turtles, as well. The water also features small corals. They are all quite beautiful.



Flores, a long island located between Sumbawa and Timor, is strewn with volcanoes in a mountain chain dividing it into several regions with distinctive languages and traditions, scenic beauty, good beaches, and natural wonders. The name is Portuguese for “flower”, as the Portuguese were the first Europeans to colonize East Nusa Tenggara.

Occupying a unique position at the junction of the Australian and Asian submarine ridges, between the two distinct fauna regions marked by the Wallace Line, here is one of the world’s most dynamic marine environments with nearly every species of coral and tropical fish represented. Predominantly Catholic, there are several examples of its Portuguese cultural heritage like the Easter Procession held in Larantuka, and the royal regalia of the former king in Maumere.

Flores Island, 6,627 sq mi (17,164 sq km), of Indonesia, is one of the Lesser Sunda Islands. Flores is heavily wooded, rugged, and mountainous, rising to 7,872 ft (2,399 m). The inhabitants are predominantly Christian, mainly Roman Catholic; those in the west are chiefly Malayans, and those in the east are Papuans. Corn and coconuts are grown. Ende (1990 pop. 48,966) is the chief town and port.

Among the prehistoric inhabitants of the island were small-proportioned humans (classified as Homo floresiensis in 2004) that may have evolved from Homo erectus and lived on Flores as recently as 13,000 years ago. Some scientists, however, believe that remains are those of micro cephalic modern humans who also suffered from dwarfism. Much later under the rule of Sulawesi princes, Flores came under Dutch influence c.1618. The Dutch gradually gained control of the island, although Portugal held the eastern end until 1851 and the natives were not completely subjugated until 1907.

Flores is one of the Lesser Sunda Islands, an Island arc with an estimated area of 14,300-km_ extending east from Java island of Indonesia. The largest town is Maumere. Flores is located east of Sumbawa and Komodo and west of Lembata and Alor archipelago. To the southeast is Timor. To the south, across the Sumba strait, is Sumba and to the north, beyond Flores Sea, is Sulawesi.


Flores is part of the East Nusa Tenggara province. The island is split into five regencies (local government districts); from west to east these are: Manggarai, Ngada, Ende, Sikka and Flores Timur.


Flores has several active and dormant volcanoes, including Egon, Ilimuda, Leroboleng, and Lewotobi.

Flora and fauna

The west coast of Flores is one of the few places, aside from the island of Komodo itself, where the Komodo dragon can be found in the wild. The Flores giant rat is also endemic to the Island. In September 2004, at Liang Bua Cave in western Flores, Paleoanthropologist discovered skeletons of a previously unknown hominid species. Homo floresiensis, affectionately termed hobbits after the small characters in the Lord of the Rings, appear to be miniaturized versions of Homo erectus standing about one meter tall. They may have existed until as recently as 11.000 BC. Local reports of elf people, the EbuGogo, or the Orang Pendek of Sumatra, have caused speculation that Flores man may have survived into the historical period, or even to the present. The discovery has been published in the October 28, 2004, issue of Nature magazine. Flores was also a habitat of the extinct Stegodon dwarf elephant until approximately 18,000 years ago.


There are many languages spoken on the island of Flores, all of them belonging to the Austronesian family. In the centre of the island in the districts of Ngada and Ende there is what is variously called the Central Flores Dialect Chain or the Central Flores Linkage. Within this area there are slight lingistic differences in almost every village. At least six separate languages are identifiable. These are from west to east: Ngada, Nage, Keo, Ende, Lio and Palu’e, which is spoken on the island with the same name of the north coast of Flores. Locals would probably also add So’a and Bajawa to this list, which anthropologists have labeled dialects of Ngadha. Portuguese traders and missionaries came to Flores in the 16th century, mainly to Larantuka and Sikka. Their influence is still discernible in Sikka’s language and culture.

Flores is almost all Catholic and represents one of the “religious borders” created by the Catholic expansion in the Pacific and the spread of Islam from the west across Indonesia. In other places in Indonesia, such as in Maluku and Sulawesi, the divide is more rigid and has been the source of bloody sectarian clashes.


Ende was the site of a kingdom that existed around the end of the 1 8th century. The name today refers to the capital of the Ende regency, which includes the two autonomous territories of Lio and Ende. The people of the area therefore known as LioEnde people. This town, for many decades, been a center of government trade, education and political activity. In 1934, the traditionalist leader Soekarno, who was later to become Indonesia’s first president, was exiled to Ende by the Dutch colonial government.The town Ende lies at the foot of mountains lye, lpi, Meja and Wongge. The beautiful bays of Ende, lpi, and Mbuu are the favorite sites for beach-site recreation. Ende can be reached by aircraft from Kupang. And also from Denpasar via Bima, or from Surabaya or Kupang. The Bung Karno Museum is the old house occupied by Soekarno during his years of exile in Ende.



Nature tourism is always tempting, especially for passionate travelers. In East Nusa Tenggara Province, there is a unique tourist spot to visit. The location is in East Manggarai Regency and the name is Cancar Spider Rice Field. Why is the name, actually? It is all because of the shape of such rice field, which is similar to spider’s net. The farmers grow the rice in such peculiar formation, so they are able to take advantage of the irrigation in an efficient manner. Not to mention it becomes tourists’ lure in Flores Island.

The Nuance

As you may expect, the rice field has a unique shape as it consists of several farms and combines into a shape of the spider’s net. That means the size is different from each other. If you come at the right time, the green color of the rice field appears beautifully. The air is refreshing and the wind is gusty, so tourists are able to enjoy a relaxing atmosphere in this area. That means Cancar Rice field is suitable for relaxation and find peace.

Exploring Cancar Spider Rice Field

Flores Island is not only about beaches and mountains. Cancar Village becomes an alternative for those who want to get closer to nature. It is situated in East Manggarai Regency and offers stunning landscape. In order to reach such settlement, you need to pass through several nature attractions like hills, mountains, and trees. That means your trip is going to be comfortable and fun. Not to mention the weather is quite nice, as it is surrounded by nature. In the morning, you may encounter foggy environment as well.

That’s only the beginning. Once you reach Cancar Village, you can enjoy many attractions. The best one is the spider rice field, which appears unique and attractive. If you come in February, the rice field appears green and stunning. The locals may harvest the paddy in May, after all. The gusty wind blows those plants beautifully, just like a dance. Also, some local farmers gather in the fields for working. The combination of these features is somehow attractive and pleasing.

In May, the locals may perform a traditional ceremony prior to harvesting. These include the sacrifice of animals, especially chicken and goats. The purpose is to look for blessings from the ancestors. If not, it is likely the harvest won’t run smoothly. This kind of ceremony is also done before the planting process! The locals also give a prayer during the ceremony, as the hope abundant crops in the near future.



Many tourist spots are available in East Nusa Tenggara Province and one of them is situated in Labuan Bajo City. The name is BatuCermin Cave, which is unique nature tourism. BatuCermin Cave was found by Theodore Verhoeven – a Dutch archeologist. This cave was formed since millions of years ago, as he found some ancient fossils inside. To be exact, the location is in WaeSambi Village and it takes 20 minutes from Komodo Airport. Also, it belongs to West Manggarai Regency. Batu means “stone” and Cermin means “mirror”. The sun rays get in the cave and reflect on some parts of the cave, so it appears like a mirror. Even both the stalagmite and stalactite would reflect the light coming from visitors’ flashlight! It is not quite dark inside, as the light of the sun enters the cave easily. When it comes to the structure of BatuCermin Cave, it consists of both stalactite and stalagmite. These features look quite majestic as if you are living in the Stone Age.

The other interesting features are the fossils of nautical creatures, which are patched on the cave walls. Not to mention there are some coral reefs located in some parts of the cave. A serene nuance also becomes an important feature of the cave, actually.

Recently, the cave becomes popular among foreigners too. Thanks to the unique features! The distance from a nearby settlement and the mouth of the cave is 300 meters, so it takes a small walk to reach the location. A tour guide may accompany tourists in exploring BatuCermin Cave.

BatuCermin Cave was found by Theodore Verhoeven – a Dutch archeologist. This cave was formed since millions of years ago, as he found some ancient fossils inside. He even believed the cave was found by the locals before him. With this historical value, more tourists are interested in coming to Labuan Bajo. Also, they have an opportunity to witness the sparkling water inside the cave directly. Therefore, you should not forget to carry a camera. BatuCermin Cave also features a small tunnel, so you need to duck when getting in it. Not to mention some parts of the cave are quite dark. With these things in mind, it is better to come to the cave at noon. It is when the sun shines brightly, so its rays may enter the holes of the cave and reflect on the pond beautifully.



For those who are visiting East Nusa Tenggara Province, there is famous nature tourism called Liang Bua. It has become nature museum and the pride of Ruteng District, in fact. The location is in Rampasasa Village and it has been attracting many visitors both from nearby villages and other provinces. Liang means “a cave” and Bua means “cool”. It is true the cave emits a cool and refreshing atmosphere since it is located in the midst of wild environment. Apart from a comfortable nuance, the cave becomes a favorite site for archeologists!

The Nuance

According to the locals, there were Homo Floresiensis fossils found in Liang Bua. The experts even said the cave had been formed since Middle Miosen Era, which is about 15 million years ago. In terms of size, the cave is enormous so tourists are able to explore it wholeheartedly. The mouth of the cave is big and there are stalagmites and stalactites inside. Also, there is a path of stairs, on which visitors can walk comfortably. The location is near to the mouth of the cave. Not to mention several plants and trees surround Liang Bua abundantly.

Exploring Liang Bua

Considering its uniqueness and age, Liang Bua becomes a significant reminiscence of the pre-historic era. In fact, the world has included the cave in the list of the most important archeological sites on the planet. Not to mention it becomes one of the best caves in Flores Island. The most recognizable attraction is the fossils of Homo Floresiensis (the people of Flores). The weight is about 25 kg and the height is about 100 cm. Also, the fossils have the age of more than 13 thousand of years ago.

Apart from researchers and archeologists, the cave also becomes a favorite site for tourists. Visitors keep coming to this cave for sightseeing and an adventure, as the size of the cave is quite big. Due to its enormous size, it is better to come with a tour guide. This person would lead you to the cave efficiently and tell you some history of Liang Bua or Hobbit Cave (another name of it). It is true you need to spend money for such service, but is won’t be a disappointing.

Another activity to do in Liang Bua is photography, as the structure is quite unique. The formation of stalagmite and stalactite is charming and there are many karst stones as well. This is definitely a heaven for travelers. Not to mention the atmosphere is refreshing, as it is located in the midst of shady trees. Once you explore the cave, you can even conduct an adventure to other locations like waterfalls and a city square!



East Nusa Tenggara Province or NTT is a wonderful region and it is part of Indonesia Archipelago. Apart from Komodo National Park, this region holds other gems for tourists. For those who look for a serene and comfortable atmosphere, there is Lembor Rice Field located in West Manggarai Regency. Lembor is a fertile village and it has a high rainfall and tropical climate. In fact, most parts of the village are used for farming and irrigation. No wonder, it offers satisfying scenery of paddy fields to tourists.

The Nuance

As mentioned before, most parts of Lembor Village are covered by farms. That means many villagers work as a farmer and they live peacefully in traditional ways. Actually, these people belong to Lao Ngorat Tribe and the major religion is Catholicism. Apart from rice fields, you can see other farms like coffee, candlenut, and guava plantations. All of them are worth a visit and you can witness locals’ activity in those fields directly. Not to mention tourists are able to explore the village and get along well with the locals!

Exploring Lembor  Rice Field

The most common attraction in Lembor Village is definitely the formation of paddy fields or farms. That means tourists would be able to enjoy the serene nuance and the beauty of such landscape while exploring the village. No wonder, some photographers also choose Lembor Village as their photography site due to its attractive backgrounds. There is even an opportunity to join the farmers working in their fields. What you need is their permission, so it is better to learn some Indonesian Language first.

Apart from those rice fields, Lembor Village has other attractions. One of them is the sacred site, which is called the Snake Palace or “Istana Ular”. It sounds scary, but it is the home of an ancient cave. Tourists even are allowed to explore it, but a service of a local guide is a must. The reason is the cave features an intricate path and some snakes! Just like the name implies, it holds wild snakes inside. That means visitors should be accompanied by an animal tamer as well as a guide.The animal tamer may perform a peculiar ritual before entering the Snake Palace with the tourists. According to the locals, this formality is compulsory as it can help explorers to prevent any harms and bad luck while getting in the cave. Overall, a vacation in Lembor gives lots of experiences and fun. The beautiful rice field and challenging Snake Palace become their main lures, so more tourists come to visit. That means Lembor becomes a primary list in NTT tourism. That is for sure.



East Nusa Tenggara is a worthy vacation destination. It has many vacation destinations like Komodo Island, Rinca Island, and much more. Near to Labuan Bajo, you can find Rangko Village. It is also a worthy place to visit. The most famous spot is Goa Rangko. This wonderful cave is located in the Gusung Island. The best time to visit is during the low tide. Visitors can reach the cave from the village by a boat. So, what is inside? Why is it so special?

The Nuance

In terms of appearance, it features a small mouth of the cave. No worries. Everyone can enter it without hassles. Once you enter the cave, you can find many stalactites. Below, there is a natural pond. The water is clear and cool. It is quite tempting indeed. Almost all visitors are likely to play in the water. It is a rare opportunity so you need to try it as well. The best time to visit the cave is in the daylight. It is a no brainer. It is because the cave will get darker in the evening.

Visiting Goa Rangko

The locals call it Goa Rangko. Goa means “cave”, after all. Tourists have different reasons for visiting the cave. Apart from the beauty, it is also about the adventure. In order to reach the cave, you need to pass through a bridge. Below this wooden bridge, there is sea water. Not to mention there are colorful corals. Once you reach the shorelines, you may find a cottage. It was built for visitors. That means you can rest here before heading to the cave.

According to local people, the best time to visit the cave is at noon. The sun ray will be natural illumination. Actually, visitors are allowed to swim in it. The thing is you aren’t allowed to litter. Make sure you take care of the environment well. That means you aren’t allowed to pee in the pool either. Once you explore the cave, it is time to conduct another adventure. Don’t spend too much time inside. The cave gets darker over time.



Exploring new places and traditional settlements is a good idea, especially for travelers. In East Nusa Tenggara Province, many local villages are waiting for you. One of them is situated in Manggarai Regency, which is called Todo Village. It belongs to West SatarMese District, actually. The locals call it “KampungTodo”. It is also recognized as the origin of Manggarai Kingdom, so it provides both historical and beauty value to visitors. Today, the village becomes a wonderful and unique vacation destination for everyone.

The Nuance

There are no modern facilities since Todo Village is a traditional settlement. On the other hand, it consists of many stunning features like rocky fences, grassy land, and beautiful scenery. The best feature is indeed the traditional houses called NiangWowang. The shape is similar to a cone, covered with rattans. On some parts of the villages, you can also find some small drums and ancient cannons. With all these features, the village should be travelers’ choice when visiting East Nusa Tenggara Province.

Exploring Todo Village

The question is what tourists can do in Todo Village. First, it is to witness any unique things in that settlement. The best one is NiangTodo, which is the traditional house of the tribe. Usually, tourists would take a picture in front of these houses. It is even possible to enter it with locals’ permission. Once you get along well with villagers, there is a big chance they would invite you to dinner. Enjoying local foods and chatting with these people are a new experience for everyone, so you should not miss it.

The next attraction is Caci, which is Todo’s Martial Arts. One thing, it is not performed daily so you need to know the schedule first. A help of a local guide is important, as he may give you information regarding such show. Apart from being an attraction, Caci also becomes an event when any descendants of Todo’s King gather in one place. Not to mention people from other villagers also participate to this event. That means it is going to be a merry and attractive performance!

Next, there is a ritual called Wajo Mora. This one is also festive, as many villagers are seen during the event. It becomes a sacred ritual, which is compulsory for people in Todo. If the locals abandon this formality, it is said a big disaster would happen in the near future. With all these attractions, Todo Village becomes any tourists’ objective when visiting East Nusa Tenggara Province. Don’t you agree?

How to Get There

Usually, the prime checkpoint is Kupang City (the capital of East Nusa Tenggara Province). From there, you need to head to Manggarai Regency. The trip may take 28 hours and the distance is 795 km. Once you reach Manggarai, it is time to head to West SatarMese District and lastly Todo Village. In fact, you don’t need a tour guide as the route is considered easy.