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Komodo Island Tour
 and Flores Island Tour are our most wanted tours on Komodo and Flores Island. Find your lifetime dreamland adventure with Us. Home to the largest and the only survival giant lizard on earth as well as some of the Indonesia’s most colorful cultures and exotic destinations, Flores and Komodo Island is a veritable feast for the senses. Delve into our country selection to uncover a range of exhilarating, inspiring journeys. Flores Island is neighboring in the West with the Komodo National Park , Rinca & Komodo Island (east part of Bali) were the prehistoric Komodo dragons which conserved as A Wold world Heritage Site as well as one of New seven Wonders of Nature

Across each of our eight destinations, we do under the same guiding principles. Besides providing unique and innovative experiences for travelers, we are dedicated to the task of remaining responsible and sustainable in all that we do. Our mission is to always leave places better than a lifetime adventure. Here at Flores Dreamland, we’re all travelers at heart. This is reflected in the exciting and immersive range of tours across Flores and Komodo we’ve meticulously crafted. Those tours are komodo tour package, komodo tour, tour to komodo, flores tour, flores tour package, komodo island tour, labuan bajo tour, komodo adventure, komodo dragon tour, komodo trip, as well as komodo cruiseall ranging from 1 up to 12 days tour. Here’s a shortlist of tours we’re especially proud of to fuel some wanderlust.

We’ve been pioneering unique adventures in Flores and Komodo for more than 9 years. Across each of the eight destinations we explore in, we’ve developed in-depth tours that go far beyond the surface to reveal the heart of each destination. Along with our team of local and in-destination travel experts and time-tested logistics, we combine encyclopedic knowledge of the region with a progressive vision to make us one of Flores and Komodo’s most trusted and exciting local destination companies.


Cruise Line to Komodo Island | Asia Cruises

ccruise line to komodo island - flores dreamlandCruise Line to Komodo Island is types of tour that is especially designed to the passengers of Asia cruise Line who want independently do the half day or one day Komodo Island shore excursion on Komodo Island via Cruise Line. This shore excursion tours must be a part of your great travel experience, since there some memorable activities during your visit on Komodo Island via Cruise LineWe are one of the recommended local travel agents who put ourselves to serve you in Komodo National Park and lead you the “Journey to the Dreamland”.

Plan Details

We offer you 3 options which you may choose to fit your need from the below plans;

PLAN A —> Trekking and Hiking only on the Trails of Komodo Island
PLAN B —> Hiking and Trekking along the Trails on Komodo Island and Snorkeling at Pink Beach
PLAN C —> Hiking and Trekking on Komodo Island, Visit Komodo Village and Snorkeling at Pink Beach


Komodo Tour 2 Days 1 Night

Komodo Tour 3 Days 2 Nights

Komodo Tour 4 Days 3 Nights

ccruise line to komodo island - flores dreamland

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